Thank you for participating in the 2019 Dye Dash!

About the Dye

Does Color Powder Stain Clothing & Shoes?

The color powder washes out of most clothing. However, it can stain some materials. 100% cotton clothing is recommended and typical machine washing with stain remover, removes the stains. It's recommend to remove excess powder from clothing before washing and/or applying water.

Does Color Powder Stain Skin or Hair?

Just as with clothing it's recommend you shake off all excess powder before exposing to water. Normal soap and water should remove color powder from skin and hair. Some color does tend to linger for a few days especially on blonde hair. If you are worried about staining, it's recommend you apply a moisturizer to skin and coating your hair with a small amount of coconut or olive oil before the event.

Is it Harmful to Inhale the Powder?

Although all the materials are food grade  inhaling large quantities of color powder is not recommended. Anyone who has asthma, is allergic to any of the ingredients or has any respiratory issues should exercise caution when participating in color powder events.

Other FAQ

Who can participate?

Anyone who is comfortable walking or running a 5K (3.1 miles) is welcome to participate. There willbe a kids race after the 5K that will be 400 meters and we will have a free will donation as cost. Only online registrations will receive a t-shirt.

Group Discounts & Refunds

There are no discounts for families, multiple registrations or other reasons. This year's race is a fundraiser so we have one set price. There will be no refunds for any reason. If we have issues with the weather, we will look for a new date to run the race. 

Clean Up

We recommend you bring a towel or a change of clothes for after the race. We will not have towels or anything else available for cleaning up after the race.